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Lecture series: Celine Maeder

Celine Maeder will talk about “In vivo neuron-wide microscopy reveals differential regulation of synaptic vesicle precursor trafficking”

Lecture series: Nicole King

Nicole King, Associate Professor of Genetics, Genomics & Development at the University of California (Berkeley) will talk about “Choanoflagellates, colonies, and the origin of animals”.

Lecture series: Eric Potma

Eric Potma, Associate Professor of Chemistry in the School of Physical Sciences at UC Irvine, will talk about “Chemical Imaging with Coherent Raman Scattering”.

Workshop: Swiss Soft Days come to Geneva

Besides well established scientific figures, the workshops are aimed at emerging researchers, especially assistant professors, post-docs and PhD students. The short duration of the talks and the frequency of the meetings throughout Switzerland are meant to rapidly develop active, up-to-date communications and cover various inter-disciplinary areas of research.

Seminar series: Freddy Radtke

The Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Seminar Series is organized by Professor Ariel Ruiz i Altaba, Department of Genetics and development in the School of Medicine at the University of Geneva

Forum d’Emploi

Here is a chance to pick up professional tips on how to make your experience stand out to future employers.