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Actions for Equality


We have several strategies to help our researchers, not only women, and sustain their growth and success both personally and professionally.

  • We provide role models for scientists (men and women) to inspire and help fight prejudices.
  • We strive to improve a better work and family balance of our members through events where senior and younger researchers mingle, meet and discuss.
  • We create a culture and boundary conditions at the workplace for female scientists to have equal career opportunities. We address delicate subjects such as sexual harassment.
  • We propose career counseling events to give insight into all scientific possibilities, highlight job possibilities in industry, government, journalism etc and help young researchers make choices for their future.
  • Research career advice programmes are organised to tackle topics such as effective oral presentations with more confidence, tips for writing a CV, identifying grants, preparing a budget and more.
  • Research skills development is encouraged by initiating training in academic writing, oral and written presentation skills of research findings, data and work management, identifying research grants and writing a  proposal, on how to develop ideas for a research proposal or how to supervise master students, etc.
  • Personal effectiveness  and communication skills are looked after with trainings and coaching opportunities on negotiation skills, time and stress management, effective communication and all other generic soft-skills necessary to advance in any career.
  • Leadership training to help run a lab, hire and manage personnel are proposed to younger PIs and we hold panels on the ethics of science.
  • Childcare/maternity leave support measures are implemented.

Follow our activities and offered training by regularly  consulting our dedicated events page.


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