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Equal opportunity

The NCCR Chemical Biology gives high priority to gender equality and non-discrimination. It encourages all young scientists to excel in their career, paying special attention to the advancement of women in academia, career advice and exposure to role models. Furthermore, it adopts measures and actions to promote equal opportunity and awareness of these issues among its collaborators and actively promotes work-life balance.

The concept of equal opportunity describes in general terms the equal chances for advancement, development of a sought-after career without discrimination and fair practises in hiring and evaluation. Our vision of being an equal opportunity provider extends from building a working environment free of bias, to favoring training and knowledge acquisition for all our members and encouraging development of successful scientists and individuals.

Mentoring initiatives, sharing expertise at all levels and fighting against bias are some of the actions we consider important to implement. Finally, this policy goes hand in hand with the issue of the Advancement of Women  as difficulties in the progression of women in science in comparison to their male counterparts is documented. This last point is of particular interest to the NCCR  and we strive to improve it.