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What’s new with NCCR Chembio members

Recently completed – or almost completed PhD & Master thesis

On September 4, Ilaria Di Meglio defended her PhD thesis entitled: “The role of mechanical forces in regulating cell proliferation in encapsulated epithelial tissues” (supervisor: Prof. Roux, UNIGE).

On September 22, Dalu Chang defended his PhD thesis entitled: “Sequence-Specific DNA/RNA Detection and Photo-uncaging in Chemical Biology” (supervisor: Prof. Winssinger, UNIGE).

On September 30, Karolina Strakova defended her PhD thesis entitled: “Mechanosensitive Fluorescent Probes for Practical Use in Biology: Towards More Sensitive and Precisely Localized Membrane Tension Reporters” (supervisor: Prof. Matile, UNIGE).

On November 12, Marion Garreau defended her PhD thesis: “Development of Photocatalysts toward the Visible-Light driven C-terminal Bioconjugation of Peptides and Proteins” (supervisor: Prof. Waser, EPFL).


Nominations and awards received by NCCR Chemical Biology members 

The American Physical Society has elected into its Fellows Prof. Suliana Manley, head of the Laboratory of Experimental Biophysics (LEB) at the Institute of Physics and Institute of Bioengineering (EPFL). More info

A press release has been issued about the research of Prof. Matile published in Chemical Science (Inhibitors of thiol-mediated uptake), with much media interest (Radio Cité, Léman Bleu, Technology Networks, SciTechDaily, Santé log).


Grants received by NCCR Chemical Biology members 

Prof. Aurélien Roux (UNIGE) has been selected with Prof. Sylvie Roke (EPFL) to receive an ERC Synergy Grant to study the dynamics of water fluxes, curvature and tension in cellular membranes. More info

Prof. Yimon Aye (EPFL) and Dr. Chayasith Uttamapinant​ (Vistec, Thailand) have received a SPIRIT grant from the SNSF for the launch of a new collaborative research direction involving precision chemical-biology & bioengineering tools development and applications. The projet is entitled: “REMORA: Reprogramming localized translation in spatiotemporal stress response”. More info



We have updated the list of publications.

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