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Excellence in Research,
New Chemical Tools, Education & Screening Platform for Switzerland.

The NCCR Chemical Biology was an internationally recognised centre of excellence in research in chemical biology. Started on December 1, 2010, it ended on November 30, 2022. We are grateful to the Swiss National Science Foundation, our Home Institutions – the University of Geneva and the EPFL – and to every person who contributed to the success of the network over the years !

Our mission was to develop new tools and approaches derived from chemistry in order to understand, visualize and control biological processes. Our research efforts led to nearly 700 original peer-reviewed papers, seminal discoveries of important chemical tools and several startups  with potential therapeutics.

The technology-driven platforms that were developed by the NCCR  remain in their important role for excellent research, fast progress, training and networking of researchers. Our flagship interdisciplinary educational programme also continues as the backbone of a new initiative: the Swiss Network for Interdisciplinary Education in Chemical Biology!


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